Rushing down to open the door for my friend Natalie, I stop briefly to look in a mirror. Black hair in a mess and eyes the color of a gravestone, unprepared and eager for an adventure. The bell rings again and I make a mad dash for the door grabbing our picnic basket on the way. Today is Natalie’s birthday and she suggested we have a picnic in the park for lunch. Copper hair, emerald eyes and a warm smile greet me at the door.

“Are you ready to go Lance?”, Natalie asks.

As we head out to the park my father yells a happy birthday to Natalie out the basement window and we make our way through town to the park. The lush green park was bustling with activity, children playing on the play sets while their parents watched, the elderly sitting on the benches along the walk were talking about “the glory days”, people playing with their pets, and the birds chirped happily in the bright sun.

Our destination was the pond in the center of the park, this was the first place we met and we both agreed that it was the best place to have a picnic. There was a pleasant breeze blowing as we set up to eat lunch, it was a soft, warm spring breeze. About a minute later that pleasant breeze turned into a forceful gust of wind that sent our lunch flying into the pond. A loud explosion reverberated throughout the town and a mushroom cloud loomed ominously over the center of town. After that everything went black.

Coming soon: The rest of my story! Maybe. . .

-Alex Nelson


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