Okay, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Every time I battle Whitney, everything goes fine until I battle her FUCKING MILTANK! This shit is so annoying, it's like Justin Bieber stuck in my FUCKING HEAD! Yeah, I don't care if I spelled Bieber right or not, I could really give less shits. That's not what this is about, it's about Whitney's FUCKING MILTANK! It fucking SUCKS! "Miltank used rollout, Mewtwo fainted!" FUCK! Not to mention, that fucking piece of shit knocks out your entire team, and you're left with the misfits, suck as Weedle, or Rattata, usually both at level 5 or some bullshit. You know they ain't gonna stand a chance, but you charge on, because you're badass. It took me over a week to grind up, and then beat this sonofabitch the first time i played Gold and Silver back in 2002. Bitches will be bitches, and Miltanks will be Miltanks.



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