You know what I never got? The ending to Modern Warfare 3! The Russian guy, Yuri is supposed to be this amazing, awesome, warrior guy, right? WRONG! first, let's go over some context: you and Yuri are fighting, right? then some shit explodes, and he goes through a long ass pipe! So there you are, people shooting at you, with Yuri impaled by a god damn pipe! then he tells you to go chase after Baddy (can't remember his name) instead of helping him, so you chase after Baddy. then, once Baddy has you pinned after you trip or some shit, Yuri comes out of nowhere and starts shooting wildly in the general direction of Baddy. then Baddy fires one shot and kills Yuri. WTF, right? Then you wrap some shit around Baddy's neck, and you both fall through the ceiling. So Yuri's dead, Baddy's hangin' out, and you're falling 100 feet DOWN! so you crash land on the fucking floor, and look up at Baddy hangin' there. All of a sudden, you pull a mother fucking cigar out of your ass, and start smoking it. WTF! does he always keep a cigar in his pocket? that's fucking weird! anyway, that's the ending of Modern Warfare 3.



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